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Nitfree Shampoo Antilice Lotion 60ml

Nitfree Shampoo Antilice Lotion 60ml

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Product Name: Nitfree Shampoo Antilice Lotion 60ml

Product Form: Lotion

Pack Size: 60ml

Ingreadents: pyrethrum Extract BP + pipernoyl butoxide BP

Manufactured By: Atco HealthCare 

Nitfree is safe and effective topical treatment for Nits and Head Lice. It is a combination of Pyrethrum Extract BP + Piperonyl Butoxide BP which is recommended as Pediculicides for the treatment of Head lice.

How to use:

Nitfree should be apply on dry hairs and scalp for 10 min make leather with small amount of water and then rinse thoroughly with clean water and use Nit comb for removal of Nits and Head Lice repeat same procedure after 7 days.

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