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Aknow Bar

Aknow Bar

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Product Name: Aknow Bar


Tea tree 5%

Salicylic Acid 0.2%

Eucalyptus Oil 1%

AKNOW is the name given to the condition which involves an inflammation of the sebaceous glands which are attached to the hair follicle. Sebum from the glands drain in to the tip part of the follicle, then onto the skin's surface.

Active: Against Acne Cleans clogged pores, Black Heads. Cleans Away Excess Oil. Prevents Melanin Growth, Whitens Skin, Kills Skin Bacteria, Prevents Body Odour.

Oil Skin: Help in controlling/Reducing Skin's Excessive Oil and Related problems. Bring the Natural Way of skin Care.

Direction: Wash the affected area with three to four times daily.

Company: Nigehbon

Type: Acne Solution 


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