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Apexin Topical Solution 60ml

Apexin Topical Solution 60ml

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Product Name: Apexin Topical Solution 60ml

Ingredients: Procapil 2.5% contains....(Biotinoyl-GHK, Apigenin, Oleanolic Acid) Zinc, Biotin, IPA, P.G

Product TypeSolution 

Pack Size: 60ml

Company: TopWorth Health Care

Used For: Hair Regrowth

Product Detail 

Fortifies and rejuvenates hair follicle to prevent hair loss for both men and women.

Combination of a Vitaminated Matrikine (Biotinoyl-GHK) with Apigenin (a natural flavonoid) and Oleanolic Acid from natural origin.

Promotes hair anchoring by strengthening the follicle metabolism & structure.

Oleanolic Acid inhibits 5a-reductase, Apigenin improves micro-circulation & Biotinoyl-GHK stimulate cell metabolism.

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