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AquaNil Excessive Sweating 50ml

AquaNil Excessive Sweating 50ml

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Product Name: AquaNil for Excessive Sweating 

Ingredients: Aluminum Zirconium, Tetracholorohydrex GLY in Hydroalcoholic Solution.

Product TypeSpray

Pack Size: 50ml

Company: Trans Asian Pharma

Used For: Protection From Motion Activated Sweating.

Product Detail 

  • AquaNil for Excessive Sweating 50 ml
  • Wetness Protection
  • All-day freshness
  • Skin Moisturizing
  • Fast Absorption

How to use: Apply Aqua-Nil before going to bed at night after drying the affected areas carefully.

Wash off in the morning. Do not reapply the product during the day. Initially the product may be applied each night until sweating stops during the day. The frequency of application may then be reduced to twice a week or less.

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