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Aveeno Lotion 75ml

Aveeno Lotion 75ml

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A soothing Emollient for Dry and itching Skin.

Prickly heat lotion.

Aveeno Lotion is a condition experienced during hot humid weather, and is usually characterised by a red rash in the seat regions of the body. The rash is usually quite tender, and is often accompanied by a burning sensation. When the body starts to overheat, it tries to deal with the problem by producing seat, but when pores are blocked it is unable to do so, so a conflict is created between the bodies natural defense against over heating and the clogged pores. While the condition in it's early stage is uncomfortable enough, a bigger problem is the danger of fungal infection. When skin is red and raw, it provides the perfect medium for fungus to take hold, so it makes sense to treat the rash early, thus avoiding complications of fungal infections.

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