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Cutimax Skin Hair and Nail Tablets

Cutimax Skin Hair and Nail Tablets

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Product Name: Cutimax Skin Hair and Nail Tablets

Ingredients: Vitamin B1 (USP)... 8mg, Vitamin B2 (USP) 4mg, Vitamin B3 (USP) 18mg, Pantothenic acid(USP) 40mg,  Vitamin B6 (USP) 10mg,  Vitamin B12 (USP) 20mcg, Vitamin D3 (USP) 10mcg, Vitamin E (USP) 40mg,Vitamin C (USP) 80mg, Betacarotene (USP) 5mg, Folic acid (USP) 400mcg, Biotin (USP) 150mcg, Calcium (USP) 200mg, Magnesium (USP) 75mg, Iron (USP) 14mg, Copper (USP) 1000mcg, Zinc (USP) 15mg, Manganese (USP) 2mg

Product TypeTablets

Pack Size: 20's

Company: Incepta Pharma

Used For: Skin, Hair, Nails

How to use: 1 Tablet daily.

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