D White whitening cream 30gm

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Type: Skin Care

Product Description:

Product Name: D White whitening cream 30gm

Product Form: Cream

Pack Size: 30gm

Manufactured By: Derma Shine pharma

Ingredients: Alpha arbutin, Glycolic acid, Vitamin EOctyl methoxucinnamate

Description:  D-white Cream using the latest technology and clinically proven ingredients,with latest & powerful Antioxidants. it is the complete lightening system to reduce and prevent hyper-pigmentation and to make the skin brighter,smoother radiant & glow.

How to use: Apply a thin layer of D-White cream on a clean face twice a day.

Caution: Chemist direct.pk suggest prescription/consultation with registered medical practitioner before use of any medicine. In case of any allergy or reaction please stop use of the product and consult your doctor immediately.