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Epivitam 30 tabs

Epivitam 30 tabs

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Product Name: Epivitam 30 tabs


Vitamin A 3500 IU, Vitamin C 120mg, Vitamin E 60 IU, Riboflavin 8.5 mg, Vitamin B 10mg, Folate 400mcg, Biotin 600 mcg, Calcium 270 mg, Zinc 30mg, Selenium 50 mcg, Copper 2mg, Manganese 5mg, Chromium 200mcg, Lycopene 5mg, Silicon 20mg.

Epivitam is a once daily nutritional supplement which is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants.

Epivitam is specially formulated to nourish Hair, Skin and Nails.

  • Contains Lycopene - one of the best antioxidants for your skin
  • Maintains the health and structure of your Skin
  • Promotes Skin repair and regeneration
  • Preserves tissue elasticity which keeps the Skin looking young
  • Prevents signs of premature ageing 
  • Strengthens and Nourishes Hair and Nails

 Quantity: 30 Tablets

USAGE: For Adults and children 12 years or older. Take one tablet a day. After a meal with a large glass of water.


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