Erica AF With Vitamins Anti Hair Fall Shampoo 150ml

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Biotin, Amino Acids, Zinc Pyrithione 

Hair Fall Prevention Energizing Shampoo

Smooth And Silky Long Hair 

Maximum Conditioning Effect with Moisturizer for daily use.

Biotin (Vitamin H) is part of the vitamin B complex group. Deficiency of Biotin can happen and may result in thinning of hair which can lead to total hair loss, dry and scaly skin. Erica Af Helps condition and smooth wimpy strands to transform tresses from weak to healthy hair roots. This revitalizing formulation utilizes the strengthening properties of Biotin to create a beneficial climate in which hair thrives. The results are vital, vibrant, healthy-looking hair, Zinc pyrithione and Biotin prevent hair loss, while Aloe-Vera and Pro-vitamin B5 strengthen and improve the quality of the hair.


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