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Fablous Men's Reegain Capixyl Active Hair Spray, 100ml

Fablous Men's Reegain Capixyl Active Hair Spray, 100ml

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This hair spray for men with sulfur-free components ensures hair growth and also tends to stop any further hair loss which means after using this spray frequently you don’t have to worry about your hair loss. 

Moreover, if you are dealing with issues like alopecia, or thin hair growth then this spray will work wonders on you as after regular use you will feel a huge difference. This hair spray makes the hair dense and also covers the temporary baldness that happens due to bad weather conditions or any other mishap.


  • Capixyl induces a clear increase in the anagen hair density = Hair Growth
  • Capixyl induces a strong reduction in the telogen hair = Stope Hair Fall
  • Efficient active to decrease alopecia
  • Easy combing & detangling
  • Leaves the consumer with radiant hair
  • Anti-hair loss, regrowth and leave-on formula.


  • Capixyl contains (Butylene glycol, water, Dextran, Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 and Trifolium Pratense (clover) flower extract), Tinogard Q, Acrobute 60MB-63 Mirasil DMCO, Eumulgin HPS and Fragrance.

Directions to Use

  • Spray 8 to 10 puffs evenly distributed on your cleaned and dried scalp, then message and style.
  • Reagain hair spray is a leave-on conditioner so it is not necessary to wash hair after application.
  • Use twice daily, at morning and evening.
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