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Ginkgo Focus Tablet

Ginkgo Focus Tablet

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  • Nutrifactor’s Ginkgo focus helps to improve cognitive functions & blood circulation toward brain, which helps to perform better functions of brain, eyes, ears, and other vital organs. 
  • It helps to lessen some symptoms of anxiety & Depression also helps to reduce age-related memory loss associated with mild cognitive impairment.
  • It is most suitable for Anxiety & Depression, Age-associated dementia & forgetfulness, Memory Loss & Difficulty in Concentrating, Dizziness, lethargy & fatigue, Vision loss related to glaucoma & cataracts.
  • Benefits

    • Helps to improve Blood Circulation results in better function of heart, brain & eyes.
    • Helps to reduce psychiatric disorders, dementia, anxiety & depression.
    • Helps to improve brain functions like thinking, concentration & memory.
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