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Glow Max Serum 20ml

Glow Max Serum 20ml

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Glow-Max Serum is a Clarifying 3-in-1 Serum which reverse the visible signs of aging, Improves Pigmentation. and flushes out impacted pores.


Anti Acne

Anti Wrinkle

Mandelic is a natural AHA obtained from the hydrolysis of bitter almond extract.

It is highly skin-friendly Alpha Hydroxy Acid Serum. Dramatically improves acne and post acne scars, removes comedones and improves skin complexion.

It has a larger molecule than Glycolic acid which makes it less irritating.

Highly recommended for sensitive skins that do not tolerated other alpha-hydroxy acids.

Mandelic acid possesses anti-seborrheic, keratolytic and purifying properties, ideal for blemished skin.

By including Mandelic Acid in your regular skin care routine, your skin will benefit from it's antibiotic qualities. Providing daily exfoliating and optimum cellular renewal,

Mandelic Acid serum is a wonderful product for all skin types and provide excellent results for sensitive skin that tends to reactive with other AHA treatments.

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