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Hairnil vream

Hairnil vream

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Product Name: Hairnil Cream

Ingredients: Larrea Divaricata , natural plant derived palmatine, Shea butter

Product TypeCream

Pack Size: 30gm

Company: Crystolite Pharma

Used For: Hair Reducing cream 

Product Detail 

Hairnil is ultimate hair growth inhibitor for hair free soft smooth and supple skin. Hairnil reduce body hair where ever you choose with targeted action on the hai bulb. Long-Lasting results work on all colors of body hair. Natural Formula with no harsh chemicals. Need to shave and wax dramatically reduced. Hairnil is ideal to use in post hair depilation skin care, excess pilosity treatment, tp inhibit hair growth process for hair free body.
Inhibit hair growth
Moisturizes and soothes skin

How to use:

Step 1 : Remove hair with ant method that removes the hair completely from the root (follicle).

Step 2: Apply Hairnil twice a day & message in grently.

Step 3: Continue application till next depilation. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the hair stops growing.  

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