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Mela Clear Cream 25gm

Mela Clear Cream 25gm

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Product Name: Mela Clear Cream 

Ingredients: Kojic Acid Dipalmitate…..4.00%, Glycolic Acid...0.50%, Licorice Extract....__0.50%, Octyle Methoxycinnamate…..1.50%, Benzophenone-3........1.00%, Vitamin C.....0.25%, Microfine Titanium Dioxide....1.00%

Product TypeCream 

Pack Size: 25gram

Company: CosDerm

Used For: hyperpigmentation

Product Detail 

A Unique Formulation For Hyperpigmentation Garcinia
• Glowing Skin
• Hypoallergenic
• Non-Comedogenic

How to use: Wash & dry skin apply an even layer over the effected area twice daily. Massage thoroughly untill cream is absorbed completely into the skin. The use of an additional sun block solor pro SPF 90 is strongly recommended, wait 10 minutes before applying makeup & sunblock.

Product Description

Product Name: Mela Clear Cream 25gm

Product Form: Cream

Pack Size: 25gm

Manufactured By: Cosmo Pharma 

Used For: A unique Formulation for Hyperpigmentation.

Glowing skin.



Caution: https://chemistdirect.pk/ Pharmacy suggests prescription/consultation with a registered medical practitioner before use of any medicine. In case of any allergy or reaction please stop use of the product and consult your doctor immediately.

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