Minoxin Plus 5% Spray 60ml

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Type: Medicine

Product Description

Product Name: Minoxin Plus Sol 5% 60ml

Product Form: Solution

Pack Size: 60ml


Generic Category: Hair Loss

Ingredients: Minoxidil 5%

Instruction of use:
  • Make sure your hair and scalp are completely dry before applying for this medicine.
  • Apply the amount prescribed to the area of the scalp being treated, beginning in the center of the area.
  • Do not shampoo your hair for 4 hours after applying minoxidil.
  • Do not use a hairdryer to dry the scalp after you apply minoxidil solution. Blowing with a hairdryer on the scalp may make the treatment less effective.
  • Allow the minoxidil to completely dry for 2 to 4 hours after applying it, including before going to bed.