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Procapra Hair Regrowing Shampoo

Procapra Hair Regrowing Shampoo

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Product Name: Procapra Hair Regrowing Shampoo

Ingredients: Procapil, Baicapil, Anagain, Argan oil, Castor oil. Biotin

Product TypeShampoo

Pack Size: 150ml

Company: Eva Derm Pharma

Used For: Hair loss, Hair Growth

Product Detail 

Procapra Hair Regrowing Shampoo, with its latest ingredients, Anagain, Baicapil, Biotin and Procapil prevents and repair external hair damage caused by environment and internal damage caused by hormones and nutritional deficiencies. Its suitable for all genders, skin and hair types.

How to use: Apply on wet hairs for 3 to 5 minutes. Then wash it thoroughly. For optimal results use atleast 3 days in a week (on every alternate day).

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