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Rivaj UK Whitening Gold Facial Mask 100ml

Rivaj UK Whitening Gold Facial Mask 100ml

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Peel off mask with silk amino acid.

Ancient civilizations used gold to remedy skin problems with its Powerful healing and anti-aging properties. As one of the softest Metals, it is easily absorbed into the skin; giving it influence at a Cellular level. Also, it helps reversal of oxidation damage to the Collagen fibers, aiding the regeneration of healthy new cell, Bringing natural luster and youthful radiance to all skin types.

Ancient Egyptians believed in gold's Healing power for physical, mental and Spiritual aliments. Romans used gold in perparation for Treatment of skin lesions ans sores. Cleopatra wore pure gold for A radiant complexion. In ancient Chinese medicine, Gold was the secret to more Youthful-looking skin. Today we use 24K gold For cellular regeneration.

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