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Sulbax lotion

Sulbax lotion

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Product Name: Sulbax lotion 

Ingredients: Glutathione, Vitamin C, Glycerin Aqua, Aloe Vera

Company: Sabroz Health Care

Sulphur 3%
Camphora 0.5%
Salicyclic Acid 1%

Treat all family members having skin contact with each other whether or not having itching or skin rashes. Exclude subjects identified infected with scabies from school or day care centre until 24 hours after treatment.
Suftiax lotion is recommended in: "Scabies caused by parasitic mites and all other scabies episodes

Gently apply the lotion in this layer on the skin preferably before going to bed for two consecutive days
Do not apply on mouth and genitals. Carefully wash hands after application Take wash in the morning

For External Use Only INSTRUCTIONS:
Store in enal
etel dry place and
protect from light. Use as directed by the physician. Keep out of the reach

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