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The Purest Solutions Brightening Serum 30ml

The Purest Solutions Brightening Serum 30ml

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Description The Purest Solutions Brightening Serum 30ml


Purest Brightening Serum helps to eliminate skin tone disorders and supports obtaining a more vibrant and bright skin appearance with regular use.


Apply three drops to the entire face in AM and PM routine after cleansing. No need to rinse after application.


For external use only. Due to the structure of the arbutin ingredient, your skin can become sensitive to the sun. Do not neglect to use sunscreen from the moment you start using the product. Before use, apply the product to a small part of your skin to prevent possible unwanted side effects and irritation, if the sensitivity does not occur, continue using the product. In case of irritation, stop using the product and please contact your dermatologist. Avoid direct contact with eyes, in case of contact, wash them with a good amount of water. Keep it at room temperature and a safe place out of children’s reach. Not recommended to apply for irritated skin.

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