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Trubella Vitamin C Cream

Trubella Vitamin C Cream

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Product Name: Trubella vitamin c cream

Ingredients: Glyceryl Ascorbate 2% (Active Material use as a Vit C), Aqua 72.5%, Glycerin 2%, TEA (Triethalonamine) 2%, Aloemist (Aloe Vera Mist Spray) 1%, LB55 9%, GMS (Glyceryl Monostearate) 3%, Cetyl Alcohol 2%, MGB 1%, Montanov 202 5%, Phenoxyethanol 0.6%, Ethylhexyl glycerin 0.4%.

Product Type: serum

Pack Size: 30ml

Company: glitz derm

Used For: prevents premature skin aging, improves skin tone reduces hyperpegmantation

Product Detail 

Reduces the visible signs of aging restore a smoother, softer skin. Vitamin C using to alleviate oxidative stress on the skin, to stimulate collagen synthesis, Helps to reduce the effects of free radical damage caused by sun exposure, pollution and smokiness. Also used as an alternative treatment for hyper- pigmentation.

How to use: Once daily, either morning or night.

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