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Uvisol sun screen spf50 50gm

Uvisol sun screen spf50 50gm

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Product Name: Uvisol sun screen spf50

Product Form: Cream

Pack Size: 50gm

Ingredients: Omc, Zinc oxide, Titanium

Manufactured By: Derma pride


UVISOL is gentle enough for all types of skin UVISOL has precise pH value & accurate composition which gives safety profile & optimum effectiveness ensuring good quality against sun exposure & aging process. UVISOL provides superior broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with naturally sourced sunscreen ingredients UVISOL is a high SPF Cream which provides extra protection. It is gentle enough for everyday use because it is noncomedogenic (does not form pores).

How To Use: Apply liberally and evenly to all exposed areas before sun exposure. Ensure complete coverage.

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