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Vita Shine Shampoo 130ml

Vita Shine Shampoo 130ml

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  • Anti Hair Loss
  • Anti Dandruff
  • Anti Fungal
  • VITASHINE is a comprehensive treatment for mild to severe dandruff, symptomatic dermatitis, scalp itching & flaking. Zin( pyrithione is best known for its use in treating dandruff and seborrhoea dermatitis. it also has anti-handrail and anti-fungal properties Furthermore it provides the best remedy for hair loss and thinning of hair mused by deficiency of Biotin (Vitamin H).
Caution: https://chemistdirect.pk/ Pharmacy suggests prescription/consultation with a registered medical practitioner before use of any medicine. In case of any allergy or reaction please stop the use of the product and consult your doctor immediately.
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